Where did I put that file?

Every once in a while a time comes when you do not remember the location of a particular file which you happen to need the 'most' at the time.

Index all of them!

nDexer solves that problem by letting you index your important folders so you can later search for a file and know exactly where it is located. These could be folders you maintain on external drives as well as the ones on your system, indexing them with nDexer means that the file tree is uploaded to the app and not the actual content that means the upload process is super fast thus the upload experience gets a boost.

nDexer App

What the users get is a search anywhere service, know what’s stored in external drives before plugging them in or search quickly for the forgotten files on your system.

I came up with the overall UX, flow design and visual design for nDexer and also the mobile strategy and design including implementation in terms of markup and scss.



Product Planning, UX, Visual Design, HTML, SCSS


Web Design, Mobile