Get Evernotified

Evernote is a great app to keep all your notes organized at one place, it does an amazing job but we felt it could use some added functionality.

Enter evernotify, I with two other amazingly talented folks Ujjwal and Kanav worked on an idea that helps Evernote users to maintain tagged lists of things they need to get done.

Evernotify is a must use webapp for Evernote addicts. It lets you tag your Evernote notes containing todo items and notifies you of pending items by email. Simple and elegant, it lets you configure notifications and gets out of your way.

Evernotify Landing Page

Keywords like ‘loaned’, ‘read’, ‘borrow’, ‘watch’, ‘buy’ can be used to further categorize the lists to help quickly glance over your todos. Users can then choose to get reminders via email at a frequency of their choice.

Evernotify Landing Page

My role in this project was coming up with the UX / visual design and implementation in terms of HTML and SASS(CSS).



UX, Visual Design, HTML, SCSS


Web Design